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Can P.K. Subban Challenge for the Norris Trophy?

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Could a new city, team and conference bring a Norris Trophy to P.K. Subban? That’s what the New Jersey Devils are hoping as the defenseman goes from being one of several good defensemen with the Nashville Predators to being the top defenseman on the Devils. P.K. Subban’s odds to win the Norris Trophy will likely be long, making him a dark-horse candidate that could be worth a flier on for a small portion of your bankroll.

Subban has already won the Norris Trophy once, back in 2013 with the Montreal Canadiens, but now he has changed teams twice since then. He finished 14th in voting for the Norris Trophy in both 2014 and 2016 with the Canadiens, while finishing third in voting in 2015 with the Canadiens and just two seasons ago with the Predators. Now, coming off of an injury-riddled season, Subban is looking to bounce back and once again prove that he is one of the best defensemen in the league.

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The P.K. Subban Odds to win the Norris Trophy Might be Worth a Flier

 Subban joins a solid group of defensemen in New Jersey, but nothing like he had alongside him in Nashville. Subban played with captain Roman Josi as well as alternate captains Ryan Ellis and Mattias Ekholm in Nashville. Those are three defensemen that make quite the foursome when you include Subban.

Now, with a chance to shine on his own, Subban is the name to watch for on the Devils’ blue line. He is once again on a blue line with the team’s captain, Andy Green, as well as Sami Vatanen, Damon Severson and Will Butcher. Those are solid defensemen that will help support Subban and the Devils.

The Devils have always been a team known for their defense, and with Subban it should be no different. Subban is a solid defenseman on the backend, while still being able to contribute on the offensive side of the puck.

While the Norris Trophy is awarded to the best defenseman, it has almost become the trophy for the best offensive defenseman. Mark Giordano (74 points), Victor Hedman (63 points), and Brent Burns (76 points) won the last three Norris Trophies, continuing a precedent set over the years. Subban has averaged nearly 52 points per 82 games in his career, meaning he’ll need to step it up to reach even 63 points. If he is the main defenseman and quarterback on the Devils’ power play with top talents like Taylor Hall, Nico Hischier and netfront presence Wayne Simmonds, Subban can rack up the points on the man advantage.

You won’t see Subban among the Norris Trophy favorites, but P.K. Subban’s odds of winning it are likelier than you may think.