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Learning All About Free Spins in New Jersey

Free spins are offered at almost every online casino. When it comes right down to it, these little bonuses are actually quite straightforward. Still, it’s worth taking a deeper dive into what they’re all about, especially if you’re new to the world of online casinos.

Free spins are a great way for players to try out new games and helps to mix things up a bit. These bonuses are also great for online casinos, as they’re fan favorites and help to attract new players.

Free Spin Basics

Free spins allow players to head over to the slots section and take a free spin on a given game. The games that players are allowed to take free spins on varies from platform to platform. Some online casinos will limit you to a small selection of slots games, while others will give you free rein of their entire slots section.

In addition to some online casinos restricting certain slots, each slots game allows for a set number of free spins. Most times, players will be given between 5 and 20 free spin, based on the game they choose. More spins means more chances to win, but the slots games with fewer available free spins usually pay out more, so choosing your game depends largely on your play style.

You can earn free spins most of the time by applying bonuses. Some online casinos will offer free spins as rotating promotions on top of including them in things like their Welcome Bonus.Another time you’re likely to be able to earn free spins is when an online casino releases a new title. If you notice any new titles, you’ll potentially be able to try them out with minimal risk thanks to free spin offers.

Types of Free Spins

There are plenty of ways to earn free spins and most of these break down into three main categories. That said, there are many more varieties of free spin bonuses and each casino applies theirs in their own unique way. The basic types of free spins are as follows:

No Deposit Free Spins

These free spins are given to a player without the need for any deposit to be made.

Deposit Free Spins

As you can probably guess, deposit free spins require the player to deposit a minimum amount of their own money before they’re eligible to earn their free spins.

In-Game Free Spins

Many slots games and other casino games offer their own in-game free spins. These can be earned any number of ways and each game has a slightly different way of going about handing them out. Some games even let you buy free spins for a little extra.

Free Spins Requirements

Not all free spins are free, however. While these are handy and useful bonuses to chase, they do sometimes have strings attached. These don’t make free spins any less valuable, but instead ensure that the casino is able to even things out a little.

Wagering Requirements

As with most offerings at online casinos, free spins bonuses can have wagering requirements attached to them. Both deposit and no-deposit free spins generally require players to play a specific number of spins in order to cash out their winnings. A lot of the time, this requires players to put up their own money in order to satisfy the requirements. As such, looking into free spin wagering requirements ahead of time can help avoid potential confusion later on.

Maximum Win Amounts

Some online casinos will limit the potential winnings that can be earned by free spins. This can be somewhat troublesome when it comes to free spins that require a deposit, but it’s less of an issue with no-deposit free spins. If you do have to put down money, be sure to check out any profit caps that are in place before you start the free spin process.

Free Spins Tips

There are a few things that expert players will always keep in mind when it comes to free spins. These little strategies help to increase potential winnings and can make a big impact in the long run if they’re followed properly.


Each slots game has its own RTP (Return to Player). This gives players a good sense of how well the game is expected to pay out. RTPs for each and every slots game are made public and easily accessible. That being the case, making the most of RTP by using your free spins on games with the largest potential payouts is key.

Bet Big

When you chase bigger spins and place the maximum bet, you have better chances of hitting any potential jackpots. As such, always betting big on free spins is a worthwhile practice.

Free Spin Timing

Many times, free spins expire after a set amount of time, which means that you could lose them forever if you don’t use them promptly. That said, you don’t have to use all of your free spins in one go. As long as you don’t wait past the expiry date, you can apply your free spins as you see fit. Many expert players consider this to be an important strategy and will stagger their free spins for maximum effect.