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Golf Betting

The best way to add a boost of excitement to a weekend of watching golf is to have some money riding on the action and fans in New Jersey can now place a wager at one of more than a dozen online sportsbooks.

While many sports bets are focused on point spreads between two teams, golf tournaments are broken down by odds for each individual golfer in a field of dozens. Golf betting allows fans to bet on who they think will win along with numerous other side bets and prop bets.

Golf odds can be a bit intimidating to new players but fans of the sport will quickly find them self-explanatory and easy to navigate. Below is a quick guide to how to bet on golf at New Jersey online sportsbooks:

Golf Odds

Unlike team sports, there are no point spreads in golf. Instead, golf odds are based on how likely each golfer is to win. Here is a sample selection of odds you may see for a golf tournament:

Rory McIlroy +600
Tiger Woods +800
Jason Day +1000
Phil Mickelson +2500

The numbers indicate the moneyline, or the ratio between the wager and the final payout. So a $100 bet on McIlroy will win you $600 because he is the favorite while a $100 bet on Mickelson would win you a whopping $2,500 because he is far less likely to win. You can also look at moneylines as betting odds, so McIlroy is essentially a 6-to-1 favorite to win while Woods is 8-1 and Mickelson is 25-1.


How to Bet on Golf

The most common type of bet is the moneyline bet on the winner described above which you can place at any online sportsbook, including after the tournament starts. There are also a number of other types of wagers you can place to make your weekend even more interesting.

Side bets allow you to bet on things like head-to-head matchups, like whether McIlroy will outplay Woods.

Prop bets allow you to bet on virtually any possible tournament event, like whether McIlroy shoot “over” or “under” 70.5, whether Woods will hit in a hole in one, or whether Mickelson will finish in the top 20.

You can also place match bets that allow you to bet on which player will shoot the lowest score out of a two or three player group.

If you are a golf fan, golf betting can quickly become second nature. A well-rounded knowledge of as many players as possible allows you to better predict which dark horses may break out of the pack on any given weekend and score you a major payday. While betting on favorites like McIlroy is a good way to make a small profit, placing some small wagers on players who are +3000 or +4000 can pay off even bigger if you did the research.

Ready to Take Part in Golf Betting?