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NBA MVP Odds 2020

The NBA MVP award is the most prestigious individual award with such legendary winners as Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Magic Johnson… it’s also an award that brings plenty of NBA betting action. Because of that, NJ-Bet is here to provide you with all the latest NBA MVP odds online, and how to place the best NBA MVP odds wagers.

Whether it is LeBron James trying to reclaim the throne or the Greek Freak putting a stranglehold on another award, here is how you can make the smartest NBA MVP odds bets on the internet.


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Giannis Antetokounmpo
James Harden
LeBron James
Luka Doncic
Anthony Davis
Kawhi Leonard
Nikola Jokic
Joel Embiid
Paul George


NBA MVP odds are updated throughout the season on NJ-Bet as stats change and team standings are updated. Normally betting odds on futures bets like MVPs are difficult, but the NBA is such an individually driven sport that you can sometimes read the tealeaves and figure out who has the best NBA MVP odds well before the end of the season.  

Remember though that betting on NBA MVP odds sometimes means there is a limited window as the season winds down, so you need to know the final wager cutoff in order to make sure that your bets are in before time is up.

NBA Previews and Other NBA Futures

There is a lot of information that can help you calculate the best bets when looking at NBA MVP odds and choosing the winners. Things as simple as who won the previous year and who is leading the NBA in points per game, to slightly more complicated trends like a team’s record when a player does and does not play as well as NBA specific stats like PER. Beyond that though, simply keeping up with the regular-season standings and gameplay will ensure that bettors are in the best place to choose the ideal wagers and to possibly figure out how someone might perform in the future.

Futures bets are also available for other NBA awards and postseason events, including conference champions, division champions, as well as placing future bets when the playoffs roll around like “which team will win this series.” Current available bets at include:

  • NBA Title odds
  • NBA Division winner odds
  • Will Team X Make the NBA Playoffs odds
  • NBA Totals odds or NBA Wins odds
  • NBA All-star game odds
  • NBA 3-Point shootout odds
  • NBA draft odds
  • NBA dunk contest odds
  • NBA lottery odds

Stay updated on all NBA futures, including MVP standings and odds throughout the season. We’ll have all of the latest information and league news on our NBA pages, making it easy for you to have the best odds of winning your futures bets, including MVP wagers.

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