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NHL MVP: Hart Trophy Odds

One of the most popular NHL futures bets besides the Stanley Cup is the NHL MVP award, most commonly known as the Hart Trophy. People enjoy betting on futures because it offers the chance for a bigger win; provided that you don’t mind your wager being tied up all season. Of course, there are different points throughout the season where wagers can be placed and odds will be regularly updated to help people get the best information about their wagering options.

Sportsbooks will offer wagers on individual series, players, conferences, and other futures, including the chance to wager on the NHL MVP and NJ Bet is here to offer you the latest Harty Trophy odds this season.


Leon Draisaitl
Nathan MacKinnon
David Pastrnak
Artemi Panarin
Connor McDavid
Alex Ovechkin
Auston Matthews
Brad Marchand
Jack Eichel
John Carlson
Nikita Kucherov
Evgeni Malkin
Patrick Kane

With the long slog of the NHL season, it is always a good idea to check in frequently with NJ Bet to see which players are moving up (David Pastrnak?) and which players are moving down (Sidney Crosby?) the Hart Trophy odds board. While yes, you can find solid NHL MVP odds for goalies like Tuukka Rask, bear in mind that no player outside of a forward has won the award in the past 15 years, except in the 2014-15 season when Carey Price took the Hart Trophy.

The NHL MVP odds leaderboard is made up of the best players in the game that usually have a combination of the most points, goals, or assists. Although sometimes a defenseman like John Carlson or Pat Burns can light things up from the point and throw a monkey wrench into the Hart Trophy odds discussion.

NHL Hart Trophy Odds

Because the Hart Trophy is given to the NHL’s MVP, the Hart is typically only awarded to players whose teams have made the playoffs. Only four times in the entire history of the NHL has a player been awarded the MVP award while their team did not make the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Players who win the Hart trophy do not necessarily have to have the most points in any given season, but the NHL MVP is normally somewhere at the top of the NHL points leaderboard. As the season progresses, it will be easier to narrow down the odds and have a better chance of picking the NHL MVP correctly.

The Fun of NHL Futures

NHL MVP wagers and other futures bets are enjoyed by people for a variety of reasons. They are a lower-risk bet and although they may be slightly more difficult to predict, they do offer a much bigger payout than most standard in-game or event-based wagers during the regular season.

In addition to the Hart Trophy/NHL MVP odds, bettors can also wager on things like individual and team season scoring totals, the Stanley Cup winner, conference championship winners and other fun NHL bets. Future props are even available as it gets closer to the time of the event, and some sportsbooks will have in-game betting available for live events.

Betting on NHL MVP odds is all about keeping up with the league standings throughout the regular season and seeing which players are going to reach the playoffs in the best position. Watch for upsets and count on us for the latest NHL news and information to help you place the best wagers on NHL MVP odds and other bets.