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Tennis Betting

Tennis betting is growing in popularity thanks to the rise of online sportsbooks in New Jersey and every tournament offers plethora of opportunities to win money while watching the sport you love.

Each tournament comes with dozens if not hundreds of betting opportunities that allow you to wager on match winners, tournament winners and finishes, and individual in-match events.

Tennis is a fast-paced sport and betting requires fans to understand the rules and different factors that affect the sport. Once you have that, learning how to bet on tennis is a breeze. Below is a quick guide to tennis odds and the types of bets you can make at online sportsbooks.

Tennis Odds

Tennis odds are similar to the odds in any sport. Each player is assigned a moneyline, or the ratio of the bet to the payout. The less likely a player is to win, the higher the payout. Here is an example of a matchup you might see:

Roger Federer (-205)

Rafael Nadal (+175)

In this case, you would have to bet $205 on Federer to win $100, because he is the favorite. Since Nadal is the underdog, the payout is higher. A $100 bet would win you $175.

In some cases, Federer will face much lower ranked opponents. In these cases, you may see him as a -5000 favorite, meaning you would have to bet $5000 just to win $100. In cases with lopsided matchups, you can bet on the spread, which evens up the matchup. The spread is the number the favorite has to win by or cover in order to win. So if Federer is a -1.5 favorite, he must win by more than 1.5 games for your bet to pay out.


How to Bet on Tennis

The most common bet types are on the match winner, in some cases using the spread described above. There are a number of other bets you can place.

As with other sports, bettors can wager on whether the total number of sets will be “over” or “under” the total projected by each sportsbook. For example, lets say the over/under in the Federer-Nadal matchup is 3.5. The over might come with a -160 moneyline while the under is at +120.

You can also bet on the individual sets, allowing you to bet on how many a certain player will win, as well as the correct score.

Since tennis matches take place in tournaments, you can also bet on who will win the entire tournament.

Many sportsbooks will allow you to bet after the match starts, offering live odds on the match winner and the set winner.

Ready to Take Part in Tennis Betting?