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The Latest New Jersey/New York Sports News as of April 23, 2020

The sports world is still in a state of purgatory after the Coronavirus caused all major sports leagues to pause in early March. After over a month of pause, there are hopes for seasons to resume.

Here are a few headlines around the major sports leagues to keep you up to date during this time.


The National Hockey League is exploring all options in an attempt to resume their season as soon as possible.

The NHL was only a month away from the playoffs when the Coronavirus caused the season to pause, which leaves the question of whether or not the rest of the regular season will be played.

The league is looking at multiple options, including rolling back the standings to 68 games to put all teams on an even playing field and seeding the playoffs from there. They are also weighing how important it is to conclude the regular season.

Neutral site games are an option, with Newark being listed as one of the potential host cities.

The NHL is also still open to having the draft as scheduled in June, even if the season doesn’t resume before then.


Like the NHL, the NBA was also nearing the postseason when the Coronavirus caused a suspension of the season.

These leagues are tied together in a way because many teams share stadiums. The New York Rangers and Knicks both play at Madison Square Garden, and there are several other cities that have multipurpose arenas for the NBA and NHL. So do not expect to see much movement from the NBA or NHL until they get close to the same page.


Major League Baseball is the sport with the most to gain – and lose – due to the Coronavirus pandemic. They were scheduled to begin their season at the end of March, but that has been put on hold.

MLB is also considering neutral site games in Arizona, Florida, and possibly Texas, as there have been reports that the virus may do less damage in hotter climates. Still, this would mean that 30 teams have at least 26 players, their entire coaching staffs, and other essential personnel all tested to avoid spreading the virus.

There are hopes that MLB could start the season in July and shorten to a 100-game season.


The NFL was the one league in full offseason mode when the Coronavirus hit in March. Free agency went on as usual, and the NFL Draft is about to as well. Well, not exactly as usual as all teams will be drafting virtually. Otherwise, for the NFL, no news is good news.

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