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Learning How to Use the Welcome Bonus in New Jersey

One of the first decisions that players have to make when choosing an online casino involves picking one with a suitable welcome bonus. Almost every online casino offers their players a welcome bonus when they register a new account. If a particular casino doesn’t include one of these useful bonuses, it’s probably worth finding one that does.

That said, not all welcome bonuses are created equal. There are many different forms of welcome bonuses, some of which are much more impressive than others. Some welcome bonuses only allow players to test games, but don’t allow them to earn money. Others, however, can set you up with a fairly large bonus to start gambling with.

Finding an online casino with the right welcome bonus for you can take some time. Many users enjoy the idea of bonus hunting in order to find the best possible deals. This can be a relatively lengthy process at times, but when it comes right down to it, it’s hard to argue with free money.

Choosing an online casino with a welcome bonus that suits you may seem daunting, but it’s an easy process. Knowing all the ins and outs ahead of time, then, will help you make the best possible decision. There isn’t much to any given welcome bonus, although there are a few different types of welcome bonuses offered.

It’s also worth noting that you can sometimes lose your welcome bonus if you don’t apply it before you make your first deposit. Many online casinos will do this for you automatically, but others require players to activate a welcome bonus manually. This being the case, you can miss out on a solid bonus if you don’t get the ball rolling before you make your first deposit.

Different Types of Welcome Bonuses

Each online casino has their own specific welcome bonus offers and requirements. Many online casinos offer very competitive welcome bonuses in order to attract more new players than their rivals. In fact, some online casinos offer hundreds of dollars to players simply for signing up. A few standard types of welcome bonuses are as follows:

Deposit Percentage Bonus

A welcome bonus that matches a deposit percentage is one of the better types of welcome bonuses out there. The best types of deposit percentage bonus are those that match 100% of your initial deposit. These welcome bonuses usually cap out at a set amount, with most hovering around the $250 mark. This means that if you deposit $250, you’ll receive an additional $250 to play with.

Free Play Bonus

This type of welcome bonus will give all players a set amount of credits to play with. These are often only able to be applied to certain actions or games; some will give you free spins with a time-limit and others can only be used for slots games, etc.

These can vary wildly, but pretty much follow the trend highlighted above; some will waive the time limit requirement while others will be a little more strict. Before signing up, make sure to check the specific rules surrounding all welcome bonuses offered at any online casino.


Cashable welcome bonuses are by far the best type for players. These allow players to keep the money they win when using their welcome bonus credits. Like all casino bonuses, these will almost always have wagering requirements attached. Oftentimes, these requirements aren’t overly stringent, but they can be somewhat limiting at some online casinos.


Non-cashable welcome bonuses are a little less impressive than cashable ones, although they do still have their merits. These bonuses let players use their credits to play games, albeit without the chance to actually keep the money they win. This allows new players to get a feel for new games without the worry of spending their own money right off the bat. Non-cashable bonuses are also called sticky bonuses.

Claiming Your Welcome Bonus

If your chosen online casino sets you up with your welcome bonus automatically, all you need to do is match the basic requirements for it to be applied in the background. If, on the other hand, your welcome bonus requires manual input, you’ll have to find out how to do so. Most online casinos make it easy to find any offered bonuses, but some may require getting in touch with support staff. When in doubt, it’s best to reach out to the casino in question and ask for additional clarification.

Welcome Bonus Requirements

Many welcome bonuses at online casinos will have deposit or wagering requirements. The former means that players will usually have to deposit a minimum amount before earning their credit. These requirements can also outline time limits. Additionally, wagering requirements ask that you play a certain number of games or spins before you’re allowed to cash out your winnings. These requirements, like welcome bonus types, are different from casino to casino, so you should always check terms and service agreements before signing up.