2019-2020 NFL Futures

NFL Super Bowl 2020 Champions

 Caesars casino futures 
New England Patriots+500+550+400
Kansas City Chiefs+850+850+600
Los Angeles Rams+1100+1100+1400
New Orleans Saints+900+900+800
Cleveland Browns+1600+1600+1600
Los Angeles Chargers+1600+1600+1800
Chicago Bears+2500+2500+1200
Philadelphia Eagles+1200+1400+1100
Green Bay Packers+1600+1600+1600
Pittsburgh Steelers+2000+1800+1800
Dallas Cowboys+2200+2000+1600
Minnesota Vikings+2800+2500+2000
Atlanta Falcons+3000+3200+2500
Baltimore Ravens+3300+3200+4500
Seattle Seahawks+2500+3200+2800
Houston Texans+2500+3000+4000
San Francisco 49ers+4000+3600+4000
Jacksonville Jaguars+3300+3600+3500
Indianapolis Colts+5000+5500+7500
Carolina Panthers+5000+4500+6000
Tennessee Titans+5000+5500+7500
New York Jets+6000+6000+7500
New York Giants+8000+8000+7500
Denver Broncos+6600+7000+10000
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+7500+7000+10000
Oakland Raiders+10000+10000+7500
Buffalo Bills+8000+8000+10000
Washington Redskins+12500+10000+30000
Arizona Cardinals+12500+11000+15000
Cincinnati Bengals+15000+15000+17500
Detroit Lions+10000+8000+7500
Miami Dolphins+15000+19000+30000

AFC Champions 2020

 Caesars casino futures
New England Patriots+225+260+180
Kansas City Chiefs+400+380+275
Cleveland Browns+750+700+700
Indianapolis Colts+2500+2700+3500
Los Angeles Chargers+750+700+750
Pittsburgh Steelers+1000+1100+900
Baltimore Ravens+1600+1700+2200
Houston Texans+1200+1500+1800
Jacksonville Jaguars+1600+1800+1600
New York Jets+3300+3300+3500
Oakland Raiders+5000+4800+3000
Tennessee Titans+2800+2400+3500
Denver Broncos+3500+3500+4000
Buffalo Bills+4000+4500+4000
Cincinnati Bengals+8000+8500+6000
Miami Dolphins+8000+11000+10000

NFC Champions 2020

 Caesars casino futures
Los Angeles Rams+500+450+650
New Orleans Saints+400+420+400
Chicago Bears+1200+1100+500
Philadelphia Eagles+550+650+550
Green Bay Packers+750+800+800
Minnesota Vikings+1300+1200+900
Dallas Cowboys+1100+1200+700
Atlanta Falcons+1400+1500+1200
Seattle Seahawks+1200+1500+1400
San Francisco 49ers+1800+1700+1800
Carolina Panthers+2000+2400+2500
New York Giants+4000+4000+3500
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+3300+3500+5000
Washington Redskins+5000+6000+10000
Arizona Cardinals+5000+7000+6000
Detroit Lions+4000+4000+3500

NFL futures allow you to bet on season-long events like which team will win the Super Bowl before the season even kicks off.

While most NFL betting action is focused on individual games, NFL futures betting allows fans to bet on who will win each division, each conference, and the Super Bowl at any point during the off-season or regular season. Some sportsbooks will even let you bet on season-long events like which player will win the MVP, whether the Cleveland Browns will finish over or under 9.5 wins, or whether the Oakland Raiders will make the playoffs. 

Super Bowl futures can pay off in a big way, especially if you bet on a dark horse that makes a championship run, but they can take months to pay off. Below is a quick introduction on how to bet on NFL futures and how the futures market is shaping up for the 2019-20 season.

How to Bet on NFL Futures


Sportsbooks will offer NFL futures bets separately from their single-game bets. For example, sportsbooks will display a list of odds for each team that denotes their likelihood of winning the AFC Championship.

Here is an except of what you may see listed:
New England Patriots +315
Kansas City Chiefs +360
Cleveland Browns +700
Pittburgh Steelers +1000

Every futures bet is listed with a moneyline, or the ratio between your bet and the payout. In this case, the Patriots are the favorite to win the AFC crown and make yet another Super Bowl but they have some stiff competition in the Chiefs.

A pre-season bet on the Patriots at +315 would pay out $315 on a $100 bet if they win the AFC Championship. If you wagered on the longshot Steelers to win the AFC title, your $100 bet would net you a cool $1000 if they pull it off.

Some sportsbooks will offer single-team futures bets that look like this:

Will the Los Angeles Chargers make the playoffs?
Yes -210
No +145

In this case, the Chargers are a quite likely to make the postseason so you would have to bet $210 to win $100. On the other hand, your $100 bet on No would win you $145 if they miss the playoffs.

Other futures bets may be listed in over/under form, like this:

Regular season wins Philadelphia Eagles
Over +9.5 (-150)
Under +9.5 (+110)

In this case, the Eagles are likely to win more than 9.5 games, so you would have to bet $150 and the Eagles would have to win 10 or more games for you to win $100. If they don’t, your $100 bet would win $110.