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NBA Betting Online in New Jersey

The NBA action is fast-paced and electric but getting in on the NBA betting action at one of New Jersey’s many online sportsbooks can take your game-watching experience to the next level. Thanks to a recent Supreme Court decision, NBA fans no longer have to go to a physical sportsbook to place a wager — you can start betting on the NBA right from your computer or mobile device right now.

Under the law, the only requirements are that you must be located inside the state when placing a wager, which sportsbooks will confirm using geo-location software, and that you must be over 21 to play, which sportsbooks will confirm using identification technology. Let’s take a look at the the top sportsbooks available in New Jersey and how to get started with NBA betting online.

How to Bet on Basketball Odds

NBA betting is very similar to the NFL. Each game will have a point spread, a moneyline, and a point total.

The point spread is the margin a team has to “cover” in order for your bet to cash in. If the Lakers are a -3 favorite, they must win the game by at least 4 points for your bet to hit. If they win by three, you get your money back. If they win by 2, you lose. On the flip side, if the Knicks are a +4 underdog, they can still lose by as much as 3 points and you will win your bet. This gives more incentive to wager on an underdog since they are not likely to win outright on the moneyline.

The moneyline is the ratio between your initial bet and the actual payout. So if the Celtics are a -160 favorite, you would need to bet $160 to win $100. On the other hand, if the Heat are a +110 underdog, your $100 bet would win you $110.

Another wager you can place is the point total or “over/under” bet. Each game will show an accompanying projected point total set by each sportsbook. For example, the over/under may be 220 points. You can wager whether the final score will be higher or lower than the total projected by the sportsbook.

Each sportsbook will have their own odds for each of these categories, so if you sign up for multiple sites you can shop around to find the best odds. Of course, sportsbooks will offer hefty deposit bonuses you can unlock by playing on their site, thus incentivizing you to only make bets on one specific site.

NBA betting in New Jersey

Where to Bet on NBA Odds

Since online sports betting was legalized in the state, all of the top casinos and sportsbooks in New Jersey have taken their offerings online.

Atlantic City fixtures like the Borgata, MGM, Caesars, Resorts, Hard Rock, 888 Casino, BetFair, and nearby Sugar House all now allow NBA betting from your computer or phone.

DraftKings and FanDuel, the two big fantasy sports giants, have also launched very user friendly desktop sites and mobile applications.

Along with bets on single games, most of these sportsbooks will offer some sort of prop betting and in-game betting. This allows you to bet on individual in-game events, like the outcome of a single possession or quarter, or even on season-long events, like which player will lead the league in scoring or who will win the MVP.

Every site offers some sort of free bet or deposit bonus but each comes with its own set of rules, so make you research how much money you have to wager to unlock the bonus before committing to one sportsbook.

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